Thursday, June 1, 2017

Timeline of Last 300 Years

Legalizing hemp production will create a lot jobs, help our environment, make people healthy, give them clothes to wear and much more.

If we step back in time, we can see that hemp was once a valuable resource for many cultures. In fact, it was required by law in America to grow it. It’s only in the last 80 years or so that America has prohibited the growth and processing of hemp.

The last really big hurrah was around 1942 when America harvested over 150,000 acres of hemp for the new Hemp for Victory campaign. It was legal to grow or process the hemp plant then. However, this same government banned it after the war around 1957.

Today, America imports well over $2 Billion per year in imported hemp products. The crazy thing is that it’s legal to sell and buy if it’s imported from another country that allows legal farming of hemp.

The Hemp Revolution is on the rise. Activists both young and old are helping to educate people and gain support for bringing hemp back into our world as a valuable resource for many products.

Just like the Marijuana initiatives that spread so quickly, hemp is on that same platform. When you think about it, it just makes good sense to legalize hemp. You can’t get high from hemp, but you can sure get a lot of useful products from it. Join the Hemp Revolution. Already 22 states have addressed and accepted laws to legalize hemp... it’s just the beginning for the hemp industry.