Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mandatory Vocational Training

The UCG Managing Partners are committed not only to the immediate and 10 year success while we are contractually bound to manage and operate all aspects of operations. We are committed to creating a burgeoning industry that will flourish and potentially bring 10’s of thousands and hopefully over the long haul 100’s of thousands of Haitians permanently out of poverty.

We feel that it is absolutely integral that this needs to include continuing vocational training and education. Knowledge is power and it is fundamental to the success of any business, operation or nation.

Although the final details will be negotiated between UCG and the Haitian government, we feel that a lottery system will most likely be the fairest way to give jobs and housing to those who desperately need it. We strongly believe that once those are chosen, they must sign a contract with UCG that to retain that job and the housing and to most importantly have a chance to one day own that home. They must attend and show a real effort to receive ongoing vocational training. Due to the fact that the overall population is heavily sided toward younger people, this should be a relatively successful campaign.

First and foremost they must attend literacy courses until functionally literate. There is no way to get further education without this most basic of knowledge. The reason such a large percentage of Haitians are illiterate is not because they lack intelligence, but because they were never granted the most basic of entitlements that so many of us take for granted. Although not mandated we will strongly encourage the learning of a second language, especially for those considering having a chance of one day moving into management. As this will be necessary for successfully operating in a global marketplace.

Once past this they will go on, on a regular basis taking classes that we feel will give them the best opportunities to successfully compete at their respective jobs. This will also allow us to spot the stand outs that will eventually go on to become management and take over operations of this industry in the future. 

Our overall hope is to produce a model of success of how to ultimately bring people out of poverty on a permanent basis and encourage other industry and organizations coming into Haiti to work from this model.

Some of the key points that we feel are absolutely necessary is to offer the people a chance to have true ownership of homes and land as well as to share in revenue from successful operations through profit sharing.

This fosters pride in oneself and a sense of truly being part of something, not just having a job and ability to survive. This atmosphere we believe will over time grow leaders of not just business, but future leaders of the nation that will now feel they are a true part of.

We intend to build a small school with at least every 250 housing units, This will allow us to provide hands on teaching, without overwhelming the teachers. We also intend to bring real skilled teachers from the U.S. and Europe and develop a curriculum that includes basic elementary to high school type courses for all, as well as focusing on business administration and higher education for those that show the aptitude to comprehend at that level.

We want to educate future teachers, business managers, accountants, and leaders of all types as higher education builds pride in oneself and character, which are an integral part of having a successful team and give these new industries the best possible chance of long term ongoing success for not years or even decades, but generations.

Our goal is to create a model, that will be copied and in 30, 40 or 50 years bring Haiti out of the statistic of being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and build a permanent working class, middle class and even upper middle class from people who have up to now never even had the slightest chance of ever accomplishing this. The Haitian people don’t need charity, they need a caring hand to help them lift themselves out of their situation and feel pride that comes from knowing their own work got them there, not a handout.

Of course everyone can’t be a CEO or CFO and most will not reach the highest levels. This is how it is all over the world, some people have a stronger will, or they posses qualities that help them stand out and rise above. However all people deserve the right to make a living wage and to live in a clean home with electricity and running water. The most basic of things that we just take for granted without even thinking about it. All they want and need is a real opportunity to achieve for themselves and UCG is committed to doing this right. 

We are used to thinking outside the box, this is the fundamental starting point we take into all our developments and projects. We also put much time and thought into how we approach any problem and education is without a doubt, a fundamental key part of the long term success of everything we are proposing in this plan.

In the end we truly believe that you need to build people up and give them the tools to learn. Pride and self respect can’t be handed out, it must be earned by individual sacrifice and hard work. The difference of how far any individual can go, should be measured by the amount of effort the put forth, not by the situation they were born into.